"Remember Your Why:" Interview with Feyth Scott, Arts Advocate and Marketing Professional.

Interview with Feyth Scott, Arts Advocate and Marketing Professional. Dimensional Creatives Interview Series by Laura Dreyer.

I love hearing stories of how people have given creativity space in their lives, and where it has taken them. In thinking about what I wanted to do with this blog, I decided to start a series of interviews with a selection of the creatives I know who bring me perspective, inspire, and motivate me! I'm calling it: (drumroll please):

"Dimensional Creatives: Interview Series"

I love the idea that people are dimensional. Every person has aspects of their work, personality, or interests that seem contradictory, but the way these traits coexist in the same human makes them multi-faceted. Sharing these lets us all be a little more ourselves, and that is magical. Enjoy this interview with Feyth Scott, a lovely human, arts advocate, and marketing professional, who is making space for that magic!

Feyth Scott, Arts Advocate and Marketing Professional

What you do or make?

FS: I do marketing in the nonprofit sector. It’s my happy place. My dream job as a child was to work at St. Jude’s, and I studied Marketing in college to work with and eventually own a nonprofit. I currently work as the Strategic Partnerships & Collaborations Coordinator of The Dinner Table Documentary (NYC), Marketing Chair of the historic Anne Spencer Museum, and help with graphics at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Virginia, amongst others. I also am a huge arts advocate, self-taught freelance graphic designer, dabble in social media marketing for some organizations, write poetry, and coordinate events. 

I coordinated an event for The Dinner Table called Black Girls Create last March, discussing the importance of sisterhood and using your creativity to impact your community and art showcase of local artists and entrepreneurs. It inspired our new mentoring program, Beyond the Table, which we are rolling out this year. I also develop and coordinate community events as the Events Manager for Black in the Burg. We co-hosted a screening with The Listening, Inc. on March 10th, and sent about 60 underserved kids to see Black Panther, and captured their responses on the film. It empowered me to keep going what I’m doing.  

Black Girls Create - Coordinated by Feyth Scott for  The Dinner Table Documentary .

Black Girls Create - Coordinated by Feyth Scott for The Dinner Table Documentary.

How do you define success for yourself?

FS: Walking in your purpose. Making an impact (big or small) and inspiring others to share their story to inspire someone else. It’s a domino effect. 


What are two ways you characterize yourself that might seem contradictory? How do these make you who you are?

FS: Introverted and yet, very opinionated. I think and analyze things deeply but may not express it 80% of the time. I think I put those thoughts into my work instead of just talking about it. 

What are three influences from your childhood on what you find beautiful today?


  1. Black women: 
    I was always surrounded by strong black women role models as a child, specifically my mom, sisters, aunties and cousins, 
    - Raven Symone - she was doing everything (singing, acting, entrepreneur) and looked like me. 
    - Whitney Houston & Aaliyah - some favorites as a child (way beyond their times)
  2. 90s era - natural beauty was such a huge thing and the culture was very different than now. 
  3. Spoken word- always has been my favorite form of inspiration, hearing people’s stories, creativity of delivery, and vulnerability to say what is on their heart. That’s beautiful to me. 


How do you keep joy in what you do?

FS: Remember my why/purpose - inspire others and creating spaces for people to flourish and finding ways to be creative. Whenever I’m stressed or unmotivated, I pray and find creative outlets to reset. 


What is some of the best advice you received?

FS: Remember your why. Your goals might change, but your purpose doesn’t and share your story, you don’t know who is waiting to hear it. 


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Feyth! Her vision for making space for people to create inspires me and you can follow her journey here:


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