"Handcrafting Details:" Interview with Danikqwa Rambert, Embroiderer & Graphic Designer

Interview with Danikqwa Rambert,  Embroiderer and Graphic Designer

Danikqwa and I met years ago in college where we were both studying design, and today she is living in Rhode Island, creating amazing embroidery pieces and working as a graphic designer. I love seeing her creating work that comes from her heart and the way it celebrates beauty. Read more in my interview below!

Danikqwa Rambert, Embroiderer & Graphic Designer.

What you do or make?

Danikqwa Rambert: By day I work as a graphic designer for a small woman-owned firm. I enjoy working on a small team because I get to work on a variety of projects like branding, web design, and editorial layouts. Last August I launched Heart & Soul PVD, my online shop where I hand-embroider patches and design enamel pins.


Hand-embroidered patch by Danikqwa Rambert for her shop, Heart and Soul PVD

Hand-embroidered patch by Danikqwa Rambert for her shop, Heart and Soul PVD

How do you define success for yourself?

DR: In business, I want to be financially stable, but that is not the end all be all of my efforts. As an artist I want my work to resonate with others and make them think. At the end of the day I rest easier knowing that I gave my best effort in all of the work I’ve done.

What are two ways you characterize yourself that might seem contradictory? How do these make you who you are?

DR: I am an outgoing homebody for sure. I am not an introvert but I am very much a creature of comfort. I like to create work in solitude but at the same time I thrive off making genuine connections and meeting new people.

What are three influences from your childhood on what you find beautiful today?

  1. Gardens/Greenery. Growing up I would watch my grandmother paint flowers from her garden. Peonies are one of her favorites, and they are also one of my favorite flowers to draw.

  2. The ocean. There’s just something about the smell of sea salt and the sound of waves crashing on the shore that make me feel at home.

  3. Handcrafted details. My grandmother, clearly a big influence in my life, has an “I can do that” attitude about almost anything that she can do with her hands. She has a love of cooking, sewing, building, gardening—you name it. Her appreciation for using her hands has given me a deep respect for objects of craft created out of hard work, attention to detail, and passion.

Enamel Pin by Danikqwa Rambert for her shop,  Heart and Soul PVD

Enamel Pin by Danikqwa Rambert for her shop, Heart and Soul PVD

How do you keep joy in what you do?

DR: I keep joy in knowing that every effort, no matter how small, is a step towards improving my craft. While I do like experimenting and trying new things, sometimes I get bogged down when I’m in that “beginner” phase. I’m learning to get comfortable being a beginner.

What is some of the best advice you received?

DR: My grandmother, who is also an artist and designer, always told me that there is no such thing as bad work, just opportunities to practice. This advice carries me through moments where I’m dissatisfied with the outcome of my work. She also told me to always use the best materials possible, because you never know when you just might happen to create great work. I think these two pieces of advice sum up the highs and lows of the creative process.

Laura: I am amazed at the patience Danikqwa has for attention to detail. Her grandmother's advice of using the best materials possible also makes me think! I've definitely felt pressure in the past when I'm using more expensive media, but I like this idea her grandmother has. It feels like a good way to respect and expect inspiration. So cool! Thanks to Danikqwa for sharing her process and thoughts. Check her work out more at the links below!

Danikqwa Rambert's Websites/ Social Media:

Danikqwa's Website 

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Shop her Embroidery and Enamel pins

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